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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weed Wackety

Today, I wacked my first weed. I will say right did not go well.

First of all...the weed wacker is 6 feet long and weighs more than me. Secondly, it requires a 10 step process to start it. Thirdly, once it is running, it vibrates enough to dislocate your shoulder. dad was patient enough to show me how it's done. I had to pull the cord thing, then there was something about a choke, a throttle...feathering something...and that was the easy part. I just noded and say ok a few times. Then I had to pick up the 6 ft. 50 lb military grade weed wacker. Every time I got close to a weed, the weed wacker tried to spin out of control. I had to hold it at an's 6"...I'm 5'3"..How do I do that?! After that it was..."you're not close enough, faster! you have to hold the throttle...get can't get the weeds you're not close enough...throttle...too close! too close! let me do it...throttle, closer...too close! too close! tore up the end."

Seriously though...that thing was vibrating so bad I couldn't feel my arms, they just hung straight down as I walked into the house.

1 comment:

  1. Dad was patient enough with me to help me fix my van!