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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forever learning...

Sadly not my guitar,
but I'd love to have it!
I got an acoustic guitar for my birthday a few years ago, and I've gone back and forth with loving it and then letting dust collect on it. Every time I house sit for my aunt and uncle, I always bring my guitar with me and fall in love with it all over again. My fingers are in PAIN from all the playing I've done the last few days.

I have a lot of songs to learn for church. My friend, who just finished college, is now home and can play piano while I'm on guitar. We have a tiny church, so 2 instruments are a real treat....ya, I know...sad, but I'm really excited about it.

Current Getty songs I'm learning for church...
    "Power of the Cross" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
    "Behold the Lamb" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
    "All around the world" - Keith & Kristyn Getty

Just for fun...
    "Dream a little Dream of Me" - Mama Cass
    "My Hands are Shaking" - Sondre Lerche
    "Yours to Hold" - Skillet


  1. Oh My Gosh! I was trying to remember Sondre's name! Thanks for that unintentional awesomeness!