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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Storms of various kinds

Yesterday, a nice sunny day turned into a thunderstorm which turned into a hailstorm. With hail the size of quarters, I ran out and grabbed a piece and stuck it in the freezer...why? I don't know.

So THAT was extremely boring, I'll try something a lil more interesting.

A friend from high school and her husband are going to be helping out with the music at my church for a little while. It's going to be a huge relief and blessing.  It's awesome to pray for years for something and then hear God say, "Ok, you have waited on Me, now the waiting is over."

Why is it hard to wait on the Lord sometimes? It shouldn't be. He's omnipotent, omniscient (all-powerful, all-knowing) and He knows what is best for His children, WHEN it's best for them.  Yet we, as followers of Jesus, fight that sometimes and want things now, because honestly it would make things easier (so WE think). Ultimately, we are a self-centered people.  We think we know what's best for us. Even the most unselfish person you've ever met is, at the end of the day, self-centered. It's being human.

We're studying the "Idols of the Heart" at my church and we've seen that our heart is a 1-throne heart.  It only has room for 1 king at a time, 1 ruler. We tend to seat ourselves on that throne more often than we think. Remember that time that you heavily sighed because someone asked you to get up and help them with something...just when you sat down after a long day of working hard?? Yep, that's because in that moment you were serving "self" instead of God.

Praise God that He is patient with us, and understands temptation (Jesus Tempted by the devil).

I'm not home right now, so I can't listen to my church's sermons first hand, but I've been listening to them online here. 

Can't wait for "Idols of the Heart" part 3!

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